Middle School Pay To Participate Information

Portage Public Schools, along with most school districts in Michigan, have made significant cost reductions over the past couple of years 
as a result of a decrease in the per-pupil funding from the State of Michigan.  Fortunately, rather than eliminate extra-curricular programs, we
have a Pay to Participate plan in place that helps to subsidize the current programs and allows us to continue to offer great extra-curricular activities.

This will be a one-time, annual fee -per student - regardless of the number of extra-curricular activities in which
a student participates. The actual fee calculation can be determined on the worksheet found at the bottom of this page. 


The fees to participate in Basketball, Football, Track, Volleyball, and Wrestling are:
$75 per middle school student
$37 per middle school student if they qualify for financial assistance

The fees to participate in Cross Country, Musical Productions, Swimming and Tennis Club are:
$30 per middle school student
$15 per middle school student if they qualify for financial assistance

Family Maximum Fee are:
$125 Family Cap for any family whose family total is more than $125. All students must be middle school.
$50 Family Cap if they qualify for financial assistance

Reduced rates are available for families who demonstrate financial need. In order to apply for reduced rates,
families must apply on-line at www.lunchapp.com. This application is the same document used for free and
reduced lunch benefits. Families who meet the qualifications on the application will then have access to reduced
rates for breakfast, lunch and Pay to Participate activities.

Attached (see below) is a Pay to Participate worksheet which is required to be completed and signed by the parent/guardian.
Every student participating in activities must have a form filled out along with payment. The form and payment must be
returned to the school prior to the first competition/performance. Please follow the direction of the activity adviser, 
coach and/or your school’s athletic department for the appropriate place to submit these items.
If the participation fee is not paid in full by the first competition/performance the student might run the risk of 
not being allowed to participate until it is paid. Payment can be made by check (payable to: Portage
Public Schools) or online at www.portageps.org by clicking on the "Pay to Participate" link. 

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact Mr. Helsom, West Middle School Athletic Director at:
Email: ghelsom@portageps.org
Office #: 323-5839
Cell #: 352-1339
Geoff Helsom,
May 28, 2014, 6:43 AM